Schematherapiecurriculum 2020

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

Voraussichtlich werden wir in Januar 2020 anfangen mit einem neuen (zweiten) Schematherapiecurriculum in Luxemburg. Das Curriculum wird 4 Workshops umfassen (insgesammt 54 Unterrichtseinheiten)

Training Program Details

The training program of the IST-Lux consists of 4 modules comprising a total of 25.5 didactic hours and 15 hours of dyadic exercises. This corresponds to a total of 54 Educational Units (Unterrichtseinheiten/UE of 45 minutes). The program covers all content required by the ISST as detailed below:

The dates and times of the 2020 Curriculum are:




Module 1

Friday January 31, 2020

Saturday February 1, 2020

09hr30 – 18hr00

09hr00 – 12hr30

Module 2

Friday March 27,2020

Saturday March 28, 2020

09hr30 – 18hr00

09hr00 – 12hr30

Module 3

Friday June 12, 2020

Saturday June 13, 2020

09hr30 – 17hr00

09hr00 – 12hr30

Module 4

Friday October 23, 2020

Saturday October 24, 2020

09hr30 – 18hr00

09hr00 – 12hr30


For a detailed description of the 2020 Curriculum:

Announcement 2020 Curriculum for Individual Schema Therapy IST-Lux
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The participation fee for each of the modules will be € 300,- . A maximum of 20 participants will be admitted to each module.

Lunch on Friday and coffee/tea/soft drinks during the entire program are included.


Each training module can be booked separately until two weeks before the starting date. It is also possible to book one or more modules in advance.


It is mandatory to take part in training module 1 in order to be allowed to take part in any of the other 3 training modules


(Participants who already have taken part in training module 1 at the Uni.Lu or another ISST-approved training program for individual schema therapy, can take part in any (or all) of the 3 additional training modules)


Application Procedure


If you are interested in participating in the IST-Lux 2020 training program for individual schema therapy, please load down the application form below or send an e-mail to indicating which module(s) you would like to attend.


After reception of you application form, we will send you a confirmation and instructions for payment.


Application form 2020
After printing and filling out the form, please send it back to us by one of the following ways:
• scan the filled-out form and send it as an email attachment to:
• By regular mail to: Dr Elmer Goudsmit, 3, rue Evrard Ketten, L-1856 LUXEMBOURG
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